Props to Grow Your Yoga Practice

In Iyengar yoga we use props to help the body learn actions within a pose. BKS Iyengar says props are not to be used indiscriminately or without need, as doing so makes one dull. Instead, use props to learn. Props for Iyengar Yoga include yoga chairs

If you are interested in having a set of props for your home practice, here are suggested quantities and some sources you can check out. At the bottom of the page is information about the ropes wall.


A Note About Mats
There are a million mats on the market and what one person likes, another person hates. You’re just going to have to try out some mats to find one that works for you. Characteristics to consider include length, thickness, and material. When you start out, a little “stickiness” to the mat is helpful. As you advance your muscles hold you and the stickiness becomes less important. You don’t want a mat that is ultra sticky, because you want to be able to move as needed. Enjoy the journey.
(4) blankets
White blankets in the studio come from India and are sometimes available on Amazon.
(2) 4″ blocks
You may be able to pick up foam blocks locally. For example, I saw 4″ blocks at Nordstrom Rack for about $7 per block.
(1) eye wrap
These are soft crepe bandages that are easy to get in India.
They are sometimes available on Amazon at this link: click here.
You can also try Tools for Yoga to see if they have any in stock. Click here and scroll down to F700 Head Wrap from India.
(1) bolster
Rectangular bolster – these are like the blue bolsters in the studio
Round bolster – these are like the purple and green bolsters in the studio
(2) backless folding chairs
(1) regular length strap
Pune Strap 6‘ – these are what we have in the studio
(1) extra-long strap
Pune Strap 9′ – these are what we have in the studio
(2) 3″ blocks
You may be able to find these at Lululemon or another local source.

About the Ropes Wall

I had the ropes wall built by someone with expertise in construction.

We used the San Diego Iyengar Yoga studio’s template. You can see the San Diego template by clicking here.

Most of the materials were purchased at the local Home Depot, with these exceptions: