“Asanas keep the body healthy and strong and in harmony with nature.”

~ BKS Iyengar


What We Do in Our Yoga Classes

Do you want to take yoga classes, but are not sure if yoga is right for you—either because you have physical limitations or simply don’t know how to do it? Through an Iyengar yoga practice, you can safely explore the benefits of yoga.

We work progressively to grow your practice. In each class we work with multiple poses such as standing poses, abdominal poses, backbends, inversions, forward bends, and twists. We do appropriate levels of each category of pose and at times do restoratives. Each active class is a well-rounded practice that focuses on a particular practice point. We may work with how the shoulder joint functions, or with plugging the leg into the hip socket, or with working from the base of the pose, and explore how that theme applies across all of our poses. The last classes of the month are always Restorative classes.

Generally in Iyengar yoga we stay in poses for several seconds to minutes, as appropriate, to allow the body time to align and ease into the pose. In general when working with poses new to the body we stay shorter times and repeat the pose. Once a pose is familiar we may stay longer times and may not repeat each pose.

We use props and variations to accommodate each body. The studio is fully equipped with props, including a yoga wall (which helps you get into poses you never thought you’d be able to experience), a mirror wall, hardwood floors, natural daylight, dimmable lighting, and a fireplace. We also have:

  • white cotton “Pune” blankets
  • cork blocks
  • foam blocks
  • cotton straps
  • folding chairs
  • bolsters

We use these props to help each body find the right pose for it.

My goal is to keep you moving in the direction of what you want. What this means is I work with each student to find a way to access different poses until you find what works for your body—not somebody else’s body.

What to Wear to Yoga Classes

Dress comfortably in clothing that allows you to see your alignment and that can move with you. Shorts or leggings that allow you to see whether your knees and ankles are aligned and a shirt you can tuck in and comfortably bend forward in and go upside down in work well. Yoga is done with bare feet.

Please use neutral scents, if any, so all can be comfortable in the studio space.

What to Bring to Yoga Classes

As mats and eye wraps are fairly personal items, I encourage you to bring your own. Some loaner mats and eye wraps are available.

What to Do When You Arrive

Arrive for your class or private 5-15 minutes before class time. Classes start on time and the door is locked when class starts. Arriving at least 5 minutes ahead of time gives you a few moments to transition from outside, to be part of the community of the class, and to ensure that you do the early poses in the sequence that prepare you for the rest of the sequence. It is also a courtesy to your teacher and fellow practitioners.

When you arrive for your first class or private, you’ll see Yoga 4 All Bodies is a home-based studio. There is plenty of free street parking.

When you come in, leave your shoes, coat, phone, and mat bag on the coat and shoe racks near the front door. Silence your phone. This is time for you.

Come on down the hall. There is a bathroom on the left, and then the studio on the right.

If you unavoidably arrive late once in a blue moon, do not enter the studio until the centering is complete. Wait outside the door. When you do come in, move quickly and quietly to integrate yourself into the class.

Come on into the studio with only your mat and eye wrap, and quietly lay the mat flat in the same orientation that the teacher has set the mat. If there are any props on the teacher’s mat, get the same props for yourself. Also get enough height – bolster, bricks, or blankets – to sit on that your back and hips are comfortable and you can sit with ease. I can help you with this.

We start with a few minutes of quiet centering, then do our practice, and then end with svasana, which is quiet time lying still.

“Anything physical is always changing, therefore, its reality is not constant, not eternal.”

~ BKS Iyengar

What You Get

Iyengar yoga can help you achieve strength, flexibility, and equanimity, through learning to practice during our yoga classes – group, private, and workshops.

My group Iyengar yoga classes are limited in size to 8 people, so you always have plenty of personal attention from me. In this way we adapt from class to class, season to season, moment to moment.

You can also take private yoga sessions for specific goals to work toward. Each session is individually crafted; we work progressively every time you enter the studio.

Learn more about what makes Iyengar yoga unique.

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